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Augusta, Maine is the state capital and largest city in Maine, with a population of around 19,000 people. The city is located on the Kennebec River in central Maine, and is known for its historic downtown area and cultural attractions. Augusta was originally settled in the 1730s, and has a rich history that is preserved in a number of historic landmarks and museums.

Some of the top attractions in Augusta include the Maine State Museum, which offers a comprehensive overview of the state's history and culture, and the Maine State House, which is the oldest state capitol in the nation. Augusta is also home to a number of outdoor parks and recreation areas, including the Kennebec River Rail Trail, a popular spot for hiking and biking, and Viles Arboretum, a beautiful garden with over 200 species of plants and trees.

Overall, Augusta is a lively and interesting city, offering a wide range of cultural and recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.