Direct To Garment Printing

Most of us are familiar with traditional printing processes such as silk screening and embroidery, but direct to garment printing is a relatively new printing technology which is becoming popular due primarily to its flexibility.

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing has recently become a viable alternative to traditional production methods, and, as the name implies, prints directly onto the garment fabric. Because it goes directly into the fibers of the garment, the ink is more subtle than with thicker screen printing or vinyl.

We've done our best to accurately represent the actual look and feel that you can expect with our product mock-ups, the close-ups in particular.  However please review the image gallery below for close-up photos of actual DTG printed samples.

Pros of DTG Printing

  • No minimum orders
  • Large spectrum of color options - no limitation as to the number of colors
  • Versatile, making intricate designs possible
  • Accurate reproduction with good quality results
  • Water-based ink, making it eco-friendly
  • Higher resolution printing allows for finer detailing

Cons of DTG Printing

  • Colors can be softer, less vibrant, and more vintage looking
  • Printing can be inconsistent with different garment materials - the ink may take differently to different garments
  • Printing production is handled out-of-state 
  • Less economical for high-quantity orders
  • Shipping time and costs

Although DTG printing is a slower process, we believe it's worth the wait because you're able to get a large variety of designs that look great without the high minimums, color limitations, or set-up costs of screen printing. 

To preserve your print and design, please wash your apparel inside-out in cold water. As with most cotton-based garments, tumble or line drying is highly recommended to prolong life.

Of course we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you're not satisfied, then neither are we. Just please review our return policy and let us know how we can make things right. As a new business we expect some bumps along the way, so thanks in advance for your patience.