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Allagash Wilderness Waterway - The Maine North Woods

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The Allagash Region, a land of woods and water, a place where the wild still sings its ancient song.

The Allagash River, a winding path through the heart of the wilderness, is a journey of discovery for those brave enough to take to its waters. And the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, a protected 92 mile expanse that encompasses the river and the surrounding lands, a sanctuary for the wild at heart.

But this region is not just about the wild, for it is also home to small towns and villages, where the people are as sturdy as the trees that tower above them. In this place, one can hike, camp, fish and hunt, to find the true meaning of living. And it's also home to a number of historic landmarks and attractions, like the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge and the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

It's a place where the natural world speaks to the soul, a place of raw beauty and endless opportunity. And it's a place that will stay with you, long after you've left its borders.