Cute Bar Harbor Maine Sweatshirt - Region Icon Hoodie (Moose, Sailboat, or Pine Tree)

Cute Bar Harbor Maine Sailing Sweatshirt

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This Bar Harbor Maine sweatshirt's product description is brought to you today by Fake Robert Louis Stevenson:

"The coast of Maine, a place of natural beauty and endless adventure. A place where the wind whispers secrets and the ocean sings ancient songs. And in this place, there is a town, a gem by the sea. Bar Harbor, where the established date and illustrative sailboat icon represent all that is good about Maine's coastal region.

Sailing on the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine, Vacationland USA. The way life should be. And this sweatshirt, this cute Bar Harbor sweatshirt with that same sailboat icon, it's a reminder of that way of life. It's a symbol of the freedom and beauty that can be found on the Atlantic ocean's waves.

A cozy hoodie, to curl up in below deck or on the salt-water ocean spray bow. A garment that is soft, smooth, and stylish. The perfect choice for those cooler evenings spent in one of Maine's most beautiful ocean getaway destinations. A reminder of the beauty that can be found in this world, and the way life should be."

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"I bought this as a Christmas gift for my Mom and she loves it! She already wore it and commented on how warm and comfortable it is. Thank you!"

Donna E.
Verified Etsy Customer

"Great quality hoodie! The print looks even better in person and the richness of the fabric color was what I was hoping it would be! Thank you for prompt shipping and a great overall experience!"

Amanda K.
Verified Etsy Customer

"It is beyond expectations. The owner is nice and gave me an additional 15% off when I had questions about the shipping and sizing. Highly recommended!"

Jibby N.
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